Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal, Smoker Review



As an avid outdoor cook, I’ve used a number of grills and smokers, but the Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal, Smoker has taken my cooking experiences to new heights. This is a versatile grill/smoker combo that offers numerous ways to prepare your food. Its key features include:

  • Total cooking area: 2,167 sq in
  • Grill cooking area: 1,327 sq in
  • Electric smoker: 840 sq in / 2.5 cu ft
  • 3 stainless steel burners; 36,000-BTU LP gas grill
  • Charcoal grill with adjustable charcoal grate and air dampers
  • Lower electric analog smoker with front access wood pan
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grilling surface
  • Porcelain-coated warming racks

Design and Quality

The Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 stands out for its thoughtful and versatile design. You can use it as a liquid gas grill, a charcoal grill, a smoker firebox, or an infrared searing burner, catering to a multitude of cooking preferences. Made from sturdy materials, it’s designed to handle the rigors of regular use, and the porcelain-coated cast iron grilling surface ensures optimal heat distribution and longevity.

Key Features and Functionality


The key selling point of this grill/smoker combo is its versatility. You can switch between gas, charcoal, and electric smoking based on what you’re cooking or your preferred cooking method. This flexibility is particularly handy when catering to a large gathering, as you can simultaneously use different cooking methods.

 Cooking Area

The Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate offers a whopping 2,167 sq in total cooking area, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes at once. The grill cooking area measures 1,327 sq in, and the electric smoker provides 840 sq in of space.

 Burners and Smoker

With three stainless steel burners providing 36,000 BTUs and an adjustable charcoal grate, you have control over the temperature and cooking method. The lower electric analog smoker, which requires wood pellets, allows for slow and low cooking, imparting your food with that delectable smoky flavor.

Comparison with Similar Products

The Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal, Smoker stands out in its category due to its 4-in-1 functionality. Whereas many models offer either a gas grill, a charcoal grill, or a smoker, this unit combines all three along with an infrared searing burner. This sets it apart from competitors and offers users unparalleled flexibility.

 Pros and Cons


  1. Versatile 4-in-1 functionality
  2. Large total cooking area
  3. Quality construction with porcelain-coated cast iron grilling surface


  1. Requires some assembly
  2. Might require a 12-gauge extension cord for the electric smoker
  3. No control app

 User Experiences

Overall, users seem quite satisfied with the Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal, Smoker. Most users love the grill’s flexibility and cooking capacity. The general consensus is that it offers great value for its price. Some users mention that assembly took a while, but that it was manageable.

 Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate, join a community of fellow users. For instance, there’s a helpful Facebook page where you can ask questions and get useful tips from experienced users. Also, to overcome the short cord issue, purchasing a 12-gauge extension cord can be handy.


There were some common questions asked by potential buyers and users. Here’s a summary:

  1. Lump wood can be used in the charcoal chamber.
  2. The grill does not come with a propane tank.
  3. A 12-gauge extension cord is recommended for the electric smoker.
  4. The grates are best cleaned by hand while they’re still hot.
  5. This grill does not have a control app.
  6. Conversion to natural gas can be done but is not officially recommended.
  7. The knob for the charcoal side controls airflow.


In conclusion, the Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal, Smoker is a versatile and high-quality grill/smoker combo that delivers on its promises. Its few drawbacks, such as assembly time and the short electric cord, are minor compared to its overall benefits. If you love grilling and smoking and want a flexible solution for all your outdoor cooking needs, this grill is a solid choice.

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